Here's how it works:

Remember - I strive to do things differently. Trust my process - it won't let you down!

first things first

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out so we can chat before you book a session. Email, text, or call me, I'd love to hear from you.

Step 1.

Creative Consultation

We'll meet to choose the perfect products for your space and your style.

Step 2.

Photography Session

We'll have some fun photographing your pet(s)!

Step 3.

Reveal & Design Session

One-to-two weeks later, we'll meet up again so you can see your gallery and I'll walk you through choosing the perfect photos for the design we discussed at your Creative Consultation.

Step 4.

Delivery & Installation Day

A few weeks later, I'll hand-deliver your artwork and install any wall art galleries you ordered.

Delivery and installation reserved for local clients only.

call or text me! 920.931.4070