Meet Mordie

The handsome fella above is Mordie. He is a rescue. He is a 'shy dog' who doesn't exactly appreciate strangers. We had to take things a little slower with Mordie, but after some careful desensitizing, he was a rockstar in front of the camera! My background in dog training and behavior really pays off in situations like these. My priority with any nervous dogs is not to push them too far. This often means taking things slower, sitting on the floor with them, tossing treats, or maybe just staying as far away as possible (thank you Long Lenses)! I am constantly assessing their body language - are they uncomfortable with the flooring? Do they need a rug to feel more secure? Are they intimidated by the lights towering over them? Do they need the lights turned down and some music playing to drown out some of the unusual sounds they are hearing? Photographing anxious dogs also means sometimes we have to cut a session shorter than we'd like... but that's OK! I'd rather have less time but quality expressions (happy, relaxed, & loose) than the inverse - scared looking dogs during a long session - no thanks!