Plenty of pet-friendly businesses!

Disclaimer - Please confirm with the business before visiting if you are bringing your dog for the first time - after all, policies may change without notice.

In no particular order...

  • Huck & Finn - downtown Waupaca
  • Antiques on Main - downtown Waupaca
  • Knight Barry Title - downtown Waupaca
  • HH Hinder - Churchill St
  • Sulten Belly - downtown Waupaca
  • Northern Home - downtown Waupaca
  • Aquamos - downtown Waupaca
  • Farmhouse & Cabin - highway QQ
  • L&L Propane - highway 22
  • Hartman Creek State Park
  • Waupaca County Dog Park - highway 22
  • Tails & Trails Off-Leash Dog Park - County Rd Q
  • Harbor Hideout Dog Area - Clearwater Harbor - County Rd QQ

Whenever visiting a business, it's important to keep in mind some basic 'doggy etiquette' during your visit.

  1. Bring waste bags in case of accidents or potty emergencies and ALWAYS clean up after your dog
  2. Keep Fido on a short leash - 4-6ft is ideal.
  3. Repeat after me. No. Flexi. Leashes. Use a regular leash for visits, trust me on this one!
  4. Have your pup sit politely to greet people, but be sure to ask first! Not everyone will want to meet your dog, and most people won't appreciate being jumped on while they are at work or shopping.
  5. If your pooch gets over-excited, excuse yourself and exit the building before the behavior escalates.
  6. Give other pets a very generous 'bubble' of space. Your dog may just want to make friends, but some dogs will react negatively to having a strange dog right in their face. Keep everyone safe by maintaining distance until the other dog-owner gives the OK to let them meet.